Ginger & Pimms Cocktail

For 6 people

Flavour: Faia Apple/lemon Gingershot (60 ml)

Nutritional value p.p.
130 kcal, protein 0.5 g, carbohydrates 13 g, fat 0 g, sodium 15 mg (salt < 0.1 g)


1 organic orange, rinsed clean

¼ organic cucumber

200 g strawberries

4 sprigs of fresh mint

240 ml Pimms No. 1 (liqueur)

1 bag ice cubes

3 Faia Apple/Lemon Ginger Shots (60 ml each)

400 ml cold ginger beer (e.g. Fever-Tree)

Optional: fresh mint to garnish


Cut the orange into quarters and then into thin slices and place the slices into a carafe.
Cut half of the cucumber and strawberries into thin slices and add them to the carafe.

Strip the mint leaves from the branches, bruise the leaves with your fingers and add them to the carafe.
Pour in the Pimms, put the carafe in the refrigerator and allow it to draw for one hour.  

Divide the ice cubes between the six glasses.

Cut the remaining cucumber and strawberries into slices and divide them between the six glasses.

Fill the glasses ⅓ full with the Pimms cocktail and top up the remaining ⅔ with ginger beer.

Shake the Faia Ginger Shots before use and divide them between the glasses.
Garnish with sprigs of mint.

Tip: Add soda water to taste to reduce the tang of the ginger.