About Faiafood

Faiafood is part of Taste Innovation B.V. which was founded by
the people behind Biesheuvel Knoflook, Roussel Onions,
Sawari and Waterman Onions. Each brings their own
unique expertise and creativity to the table


Erik Waterman: ‘Because we focus on quality, flavour and convenience, we are able to exceed consumers’ expectations.

We connect our customers – mainly retailers and food service companies – directly with the growers, making our products transparent and easy to trace.

Faiafood products are a great solution because the quality and convenience they offer enable our customers to maximise their own profits.’


Charlotte Roussel from the company bearing the same name, says that FAIA and its chain partners aim to make a significant, measurable contribution to sustainability.

‘We’re going to focus mainly on sustainable packaging, zero waste, climate-neutral production facilities, adhering to strict food safety requirements, and social projects close to the source.

Each partner has specific knowledge and expertise in the area of sustainability. I expect that we will achieve exceptional sustainability goals in our collaboration.’


Arie Havelaar and Sander Kleinjan from Sawari Fresh International have been working for years on bringing ginger and garlic into the mainstream.

Arie Havelaar: ‘We believe that our new products will rapidly become indispensable as fresh seasonings for international cuisine.

Young consumers, in particular, are “cooking without borders”, and want to be able to put a healthy, appetising meal on the table without having to spend too much time on it.


Arjan Biesheuvel is one of the largest growers of fresh garlic in the Netherlands. According to Biesheuvel, the popularity of fresh garlic has skyrocketed, partly due to its unique flavour profile.

‘For many years we’ve supplied fresh garlic and a range of processed products based on fresh garlic to speciality stores, the processing industry, retail, and directly to consumers.

This partnership creates immediate opportunities to continue developing our flavour products. Basically, we are creating a whole new product category for retail.’

Fresh flavours
Straight from our land