Spicy orange juice

with espresso and ginger

For 2 people

Flavour: Faia Apple/Lemon Ginger shot (60 ml)

Nutritional value p.p.

70 kcal, protein 1 g, carbohydrates 15 g, fat 0.5 g, sodium 25 mg (salt < 0.1 g)


2 freshly-brewed espressos

10 ice cubes

200 ml freshly squeezed orange juice

2 Faia Apple/Lemon Ginger Shots (60 ml each)

1 organic orange, rinsed clean


Brew 2 espressos.
Allow to cool.

Divide the ice cubes between two glasses and pour the orange juice over them.

Shake the Faia Ginger Shots before use.

Divide between the glasses.

Peel 2 thick strips of peel from the orange for use as decoration.

Stick the orange peel along the side into the glass. 

Pour the espressos slowly onto the orange juice and serve immediately.