It’s never been so easy to
eat more vegetables!

Our delicious Faiafood concepts will help you to eat more vegetables every day,
and contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Faia currently offers four fresh product categories
based on onion, fresh garlic and ginger.

01 Quick Cooking

A single box contains a mixture of different types of onion, shallots, garlic and ginger.

02 Quick Start

Pure, fresh onion, garlic and ginger conveniently pre-chopped so you can get cooking straight away.

03 Quick Taste

Boost the flavour of your meals with Faia’s pureed ginger, fresh garlic and onions.

04 Quick Shot

The Faia Ginger Shots are guaranteed to
kick-start your day!

We are Faiafood

We are a close family of four companies. On our land, we grow tasty onions, fresh garlic and ginger
which we use to develop natural seasonings that enrich your meal. You can easily recognise our products on the shelf.
Faiafood products are the new gold. A tasty, healthy meal is within everyone’s reach.

Erik & Wim Waterman

Arjan Biesheuvel

Arie Havelaar & Sander Kleinjan

Familie Roussel

Fresh flavours
Straight from our land

Direct from Dutch soil

Faia has years of experience in processing onions, fresh garlic and ginger.
We are true ‘geeks’ in our trade and know absolutely everything about each
of our products. No detail is overlooked, and we’re always searching for new
uses for our delicious crops.

That’s the Faia power.

Tribute to fresh garlic

Don’t want bad breath, but still want to enjoy garlic in your food? Choose Faia fresh garlic purees. Our fresh garlic is grown on Dutch soil at the ideal time to yield a mild and fresh flavour. Every part of the fresh garlic is used, so you get the high-quality product that your meal deserves.

Fresh Garlic

Fresh ginger

Tribute to fresh ginger

Fresh ginger grown on Dutch soil? Yes, absolutely! Faia is well underway towards growing all of its ginger in Dutch greenhouses so we can supply our customers with organically grown ginger with the best quality.

Tribute to fresh onions

Want to include onions in your meal without tears?

With Faia, you’ll be able to prepare every meal without streaming eyes. Whether you want pre-chopped onions or the authentic onion flavour provided by a mix-puree, the choice is yours.

Whichever you opt for, it’s a guaranteed healthy addition to every meal.

Fresh Onions

The wheel of Faia
for culinary

Fresh seasoning for everyday

Faia seasonings are very flexible because they provide the perfect foundation for every world cuisine.
By adding a few herbs or ingredients to our basic products, you can easily serve dishes from every corner of the world.

Discover the flavours of Faia.
Always fresh
in the Kitchen
From the
and easy
in the